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System Requirements

Additional ProQA and AQUA documentation is available for licensed users and CADs vendors. Please contact Technical Support for additional information.

AQUA® Evolution

AQUA Installation Guide - A guide to installing AQUA® Evolution 5.6


XLerator® Installation Guide - A guide to installing/uninstalling XLerator® 3.5


How To Run CDE lessons From A Network Location


FairCom Server Benefits FAQ - The benefits of using FairCom with your ProQA software.
Installing and Configuring FairCom Server - Get your FairCom & ProQA setup for a centralized database.
Upgrading FairCom Licenses


Install / Uninstall / Configuration Guides
ProQA Install Guide (3,901 kb) - A guide on how to install ProQA
ProQA Uninstall Instructions (203 kb)
ProQA Security Settings (253 kb)
Data Maintenance
ProQA and AQUA Backup Exec Installation (873 kb)
ProQA Export - AQUA Import - ProQA Reports (954 kb)
How To Remove Cases On Hold (150 kb)
ProQA Database Repair (424 kb) - How to repair your ProQA database for Medical, Fire or Police.
ProQA Export Command Line Documentation (27 kb) - Command line switches for the ProQA Export file (PQAIO.EXE).
User Guides / Misc Info
ProQA User Guide (3,095 kb) - User guide for ProQA 3.4 (Includes medical, fire and police)
MPDS ProQA Comment Boxes Release Doc (705 kb)
YOM/YOF Fast Track Change Rationale (35 kb) - Rationale explaining the change to the fast track feature in ProQA 3.4.2
ProQA 3.4.2 New Features (90 kb) - New features for ProQA 3.4.2
ProQA 3.4 Special Information List (755 kb) - More information about the Special Information features in ProQA 3.4

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