NEW! Cursor Priority

When ProQA® Paramount recommends sending a Determinant Code, it may occasionally recommend multiple determinants for the calltaker to select the most appropriate choice. The green selection shows the ProQA Paramount recommended choice (shift-able determinants). Your agency now has the ability to change the default recommended choice.

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NEW! Smart PDIs

In ProQA Paramount, Post-Dispatch Instructions are automatically enabled or disabled based on whether the Pre-Instruction Qualifier (PIQ) applies to the situation, according to information obtained during caller interrogation.

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NEW! Enhanced Description Essentials Tools

Description Essentials (DE) text fields have been expanded. ProQA Paramount provides two additional data fields in the Medical DE tools. The HAZMAT Information tool now provides fields to identify and record the NA or UN numbers of the chemical(s) involved. New data tools in ProQA Paramount Police include Caller is Hostage Taker/Kidnapper, Suspect/Caller Characteristics, and Bomb Description. Agencies can also predefine items such as vehicle color, gender, hair color, and eye color.

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NEW! Longer Text Fields

ProQA Paramount users now have more space to enter information in the Caller Statement and Description Essentials fields.

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Day(s) Option Added to Age Range[ Demo ]

Rules of Nines [ Demo ]

Compressions Monitor [ Demo ]

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