Dispatcher helps save young girl's life Father made desperate call for help

Tricia Cruz

CHEEKTOWAGA, N.Y. (WIVB) - A Cheektowaga father's desperate call for help to 9-1-1 saved the life of his young daughter after she was found floating in the family pool.

If you could see Hannah Ludtka playing with her parents in their backyard, you'd have no idea she spent two days in the hospital after nearly drowning.

Her father found the helpless three-year-old in the family pool on Thursday. 
Jim Ludtka tried to revive her by performing CPR.

Ludtka said, "She still wasn't breathing at that point, so I knew I had to get to a phone."

With his mind racing, he rushed inside in a panic, and dialed 9-1-1. Below is a transcript of the call.

Dispatcher: "Cheektowaga emergency 9-1-1." 
Ludtka: "I'm at 130 Hyland. My daughter fell in the pool. She's not breathing." 
Dispatcher: "She's not breathing? Can you get her out of the pool?" 
Ludtka: "She's out. Please hurry." 
Dispatcher: "Sir, listen to me. Help is on the way. I'm going to help you out."

The dispatcher stayed on the phone with him until paramedics arrived at their house.

Dispatcher: "I want you to tip her head back, put one hand on her forehead and one hand under her chin and tip her head back." 
Ludtka: "Hannah." 
Dispatcher: "I want you to make sure that she's breathing okay? She is breathing?" 
Ludtka: "Yes."

Ludtka said, "I came in the garage just to put the can away and I grabbed a drink and was looking at the TV for what seemed like seconds."

When he went back outside, Hannah was unconscious and floating on her stomach.

Unlike any other time, Hannah went to the pool by herself, slipped in and hit her head. But fortunately she's okay.

Jim says 'thank you' isn't enough for the dispatcher or the emergency responders who helped save his little girl. And he has one message for all parents, "Don't ever, ever leave them alone, 'cause they're like lightning."

Hannah's parents were in the process of installing a locked door on the pool when the incident happened. The door is now in place.

Because of what happened, they're considering getting rid of the pool or putting a fence around it.