National Q Data Sheet

Purpose: Priority Dispatch Corp. (PDC) will provide timely, cost effective, and comprehensive case review for Priority Dispatch System (PDS)-licensed agencies seeking to outsource the quality assurance (QA) case review process. These services will align fully with International Academies of Emergency Dispatch (IAED) call processing and QA standards and support the achievement of Accredited Center of Excellence (ACE) status by the agency.

Procedure: PDC will provide access to a password-protected secure FTP site. The client agency will upload to the FTP site, a percentage of the call volume recordings based on a sliding scale calculator (typically between 1% to 3% or 25 per week, based on call volume). The case review recordings will be randomly selected and uploaded as WAV (or other acceptable electronic format) files for the cases to be reviewed. The client agency will also be responsible for providing any local agency policy, CAD records, or other supporting documentation to facilitate comprehensive, balanced case review.

PDC-assigned Emergency Dispatch Quality Assurance (ED-Q) IAED-certified individuals will download the audio files and conduct the case review in the most current released version of the AQUA software. Case reviewers should have the following qualifications and meet the following standards as a minimum:

  • 10 years as a certified Medical, Fire, or Police Dispatcher/Calltaker
  • 5 years as an IAED-certified ED-Q
  • Completed current ProQA- and AQUA-certified training
  • Will be screened, reviewed, and selected by the IAED to be a part of the National Q staff
  • Will receive semi-annual performance evaluations by certified IAED senior staff
  • All National Q faculty case reviewers shall be subject to inter-rater variability evaluation

The PDC reviewer will then upload to the FTP site the completed case audit records and notify the designated person(s) at the client agency. The client agency will then download the case review files into AQUA for the creation of necessary performance reports.

The client agency will have or will purchase and utilize at a minimum one licensed workstation of AQUA software to maintain the ability to generate in-house reports and store completed case review records. The client agency must have on staff at least one ED-Q-certified individual.

An authorized individual with the client agency will distribute completed case review records to the employees reviewed on the employee’s next workday or within a reasonable time frame after the client agency receives the completed audit records. The client agency ED-Q(s) must be capable of knowledgably supporting the review from PDC. If the employee has questions or disagrees with a review or scoring in any way, he or she can initially seek clarification with the client agency ED-Q. If additional clarification is needed, the PDC reviewer may be consulted and will provide input as necessary via phone or email.

Services: The National Q staff may be available, based on the contractual arrangements for:

  • The initial site visit to meet client agency representatives and to familiarize themselves with local operations, policies, etc.
  • Regularly scheduled conference calls to discuss case review findings
  • Providing direct emergency dispatcher feedback regarding their performance
  • Conducting site visits with the client agency, allowing for attendance at Dispatch Steering Committee and Dispatch Review Committee meetings (this may require on-site consulting days)
  • Reviewing and supporting accreditation activities
  • Recommending specific continuing education lessons and topics to maximize emergency dispatcher performance and relevance to monthly and quarterly results

Structure: PDC will provide comprehensive management and oversight of National Q case review staff, processes, communications, and scheduling to ensure compliance to contractual obligations. Only assigned, certified ED-Q staff, selected by the Academy, will be responsible for providing National Q case review services.

To ensure overall case review accuracy, an inter-rater variability process will be employed to maintain the highest degree of consistency. The integral inter-rater variability program ensures the National Q staff performing the case reviews adhere to the highest Academy standards. A percentage of National Q staff reviewed audios and the completed case evaluations will be submitted to an ED-Q peer review team. ED-Q reviewers from the team will go through the same review steps and compare the subsequent review against the original. Any variances greater than 5% will be identified and corrected immediately with a QA action plan.